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BUY and SELL FAQ's...


I want to buy something right away, how do I do it?
Please e-mail the individual advertiser for the item you are interested in.

How can I check out an item first before deciding to buy?
Use the services of: Trade-Direct. ( Trade-Direct acts as a middle man to hold funds while an item is being inspected. They charge a small percentage of the total price of the item (usually less than 5%).

How do you show the sizes of objects?
Following the standards of the art world, sizes shown are HEIGHT by WIDTH by DEPTH.

I have a buying question that's not answered here, where do I send it?


I want to place an Ad now. What do I do?
Fill out the FORM here OR Contact:

Why should I buy an Ad from you?

  • This site is completely compatible with both Netscape and Explorer browsers back to version 1.0
  • This site doesn't waste your time downloading frames and audio and hugh picture files.
  • All Ads are available with a small preview.
  • This site loads very fast compared to all other sites.
  • This site doesn't have hundreds of Ads that you get tired of looking at after a while.
  • Your Ad stands out more and gets more visibility because of the small amounts of Ads.
  • People don't get bored and leave before the page is finished loading.
  • Visitors can see all the listings on one page that you can save as, dl as a zip (to come), or print out and read at your leisure.
  • This site works very hard to appear within the top ten answers from search engines.
  • This site also lists with foreign search engines.
  • This site lists with Art Indexes in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • The site is advertised in traditional print media.
  • This site charges no commission for selling an item, only the cost of the Ad.

How much is it to run an Ad?
  • $100 for 1 Year (Photo FREE)
  • $60 for 6 Months (Photo FREE)
  • $40 for 3 Months (Photo FREE)

What happens if I sell an item right away?
If you sell the item right away you can run another item in its place.

What information do I supply for the Ad?
Supply as much of the following information as possible;

  • Artist:
  • Title:
  • Year:
  • Description:
  • Medium:
  • Condition:
  • Size:
  • Published:
  • Exhibited:
  • Price:
  • Email:
  • Other:

In what form can I send the information?
You can send info in an email, text file on a PC formatted disk, or written note by mail.

I don't have a scanner and I want to send you photos, can you scan them?
Yes, photos can be sent in and are scanned at $25 each.

If I scan the photos myself, what dpi (dots per inch) setting should I use?
Scan at 150 dpi. Save final images at 72dpi. Monitors can't display any higher.

Should I send in .GIF or .JPG files?
Send .JPG, saved without preview option.

What pixel height and width should I use for the .JPG?
Most computers are set at 640x480 pixels so to avoid the user scrolling,
save with a max height of 450 pixels and a max width of 550 pixels.

What compression level works best for .JPG files?
Generally 72% compression is the most you should compress pictures without serious loss of detail.

What format disk should I send you?
Send .JPG file on a PC formatted disk.

How soon after you get the information and pictures will the listings appear?
Listings will appear within 3 business days or sooner after information, photos, and payment are received.

If I send in a disk with images and information, can you send it back to me?
Yes, photos and/or disks will be sent back if you include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Is there a way to tell how many people are looking at my ad?
Yes, the counter at the bottom of the main homepage shows how many people have seen it.

Is there a way to tell how many people clicked on my picture icon?
No, that would involve putting your ad on it's own separate page and would slow down the site considerably.
What's more important is how many interested people send e-mail directly to you, and only you know that.

Are you insured?
No, we do not take physical delivery of your item, we only provide an Ad service.

Do you negotiate between the buyer and seller?
No, as an Ad service we do not take part in negotiations between the buyer and seller.

Are candidate buyers/sellers screened?
No, we trust that both buyers and sellers show good faith in dealing here.
If you are a buyer it is up to you to protect against false work.
Buyers and Sellers should work together to come to an agreement concerning;
Bill of Sale, Provenance, Authentication, and Appraisals.
If you are a seller you would want to supply as much info as possible about the piece including signing an affavidavit attesting to the authenticity and ownership of a piece you have for sale.
Buyers should show ability to afford the purchase. Using Trade-Direct would help here.
Sellers should have bills of sale and provenance.
For very expensive purchases it's advised that the buyer and seller meet face to face where both can come to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

I have a selling question that's not answered here, where do I send it?

Is there an on-line form that I can fill out?
Here is the on-line form. FORM You will be contacted as soon as possible for verification.